DEVO is SLIDE's development committee. We are responsible for all fundraising, service, and apparel for the organization. We work with all of the other committees to aid them with various tasks as well as complete organization wide duties.

DEVO STAFF 2019-2020


Christine Tahan
DEVO Executive, SLIDE 2019-2020


DEVO meets every Sunday at 8:30 PM. During our meetings, we plan our upcoming fundraising and service events. Additionally, we organize and brainstorm ideas for PR for the semester.



Each semester, our goal is to have one major fundraising opportunity. Last year for example, we hosted a FIFA tournament held at Rudder Tower which became a huge success. Along with these fundraising events, we will also be setting up profit shares at multiple locations throughout the year.

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Along with supporting the efforts and work of SAAM and RAMH, DEVO organizes service opportunities that both sophomores and SLIDE staff can go to. Previous service events that we have done include feeding the homeless, working the special olympics, helping those affected by hurricane Harvey with a canned food drive, and Big Event.

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Items such as shirts, stickers, caps, etc. will be designed by DEVO and be available for purchase to all the members of SLIDE. We work closely with CC Creations to make sure all of our apparel is top-notch!

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Taking place primarily in the beginning of the spring semester, DEVO has a subcommittee road trip every year. Last year, DEVO went to a ranch house and created lasting memories.

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No worries. You can directly reach out to the DEVO executives or to the directors.