As staff, we are very excited for this upcoming year and can't wait to meet you. Our staff is dedicated to making your SLIDE experience as memorable as possible. Not only we want to be mentors, but also friends who will be there for you throughout your sophomore year. So, make sure to apply!




Jackson Singleton

Vice President

Jackson is a Junior Biomedical Sciences major from Commerce, Texas. He's planning on going to pharmacy school after college. He loves music and going to concerts. He watches at least one episode of Spongebob a day and can probably beat you at Mario Kart. He's so excited to meet SLIDE '21 sophomores and work with y'all on our amazing projects and events this year! Follow him on twitter @jdsingleton16 for some quality content!

Taylor Soukup


Howdy! Taylor Soukup is a Senior Ocean Engineering major from Cypress, Tx. She enjoys running, watching movies, playing softball, and participating in any outdoorsy activities!! She is also a lover of iced coffee and really wants a corgi puppy at some point in her life. She is very excited to serve as the SLIDE president this year and can't wait to see our programs have an impact on campus!

Pape Traore

Membership Executive

Bonjour!! Along with her wonderful partner Emily, Pape is the Membership Executive in charge of attendance, points, appeals, and etc. He is a computer science major with a minor in cybersecurity and in history from Dakar, Senegal. Pape is a soccer fanatic and his favorite team is PSG and Liverpool. He loves to play FIFA of course, to watch history documentaries, and to read his French novels. His motto is "La vie est trop courte pour manger sainement mdr." He can't wait to meet y'all !

Emily Lewis

Membership Executive

Emily is SLIDE's Executive Director of membership. She is a senior psychology major from Colleyville, TX. She loves to travel around the world and is constantly planning her next adventure. Her life motto is "if you ain't talking tacos, I don't wanna talk." She is one of the founders of SLIDE and she is so excited for SLIDE '21! Along with her partner, she handles big and littles, attendance, and recruitment.

Kelsey Bier

SAAM Executive

This is Kelsey and she is the SAAM Executive. Kelsey was born in SOCAL, but has lived in Houston for most of her life. She is a Junior Wildlife & Fisheries major going pre-vet. On a typical day on campus you can catch her at the spo, annex or evans with an iced coffee and some food most likely. Kelsey is a big iced coffee gal, lover of chickfila, queso & guac, puppers of any kind and the outdoors. Hit her up because she would love to hang and be friends!

Remington Cunov

SHIP Executive

Remington is the SHIP exec, which means he ensures that the Developmental Meetings and socials run smoothly. He is a junior Supply Chain Management major from Coppell, TX. He is hands-down the coolest and most awesome staff member in SLIDE.

Aidan Read

DEVO Executive

Aidan is Slide's Development Exec. He is a Junior International Studies major with a focus in Politics and Diplomacy and minors in Sociology and Urban Planning. He is from good ole Boerne, Tx. Aidan enjoys camping, photography, drinking La Croix and Topo Chico (yes he is that guy), and driving his Jeep. He is also an avid spurs fan (don't talk to him about the last like 3 months tho). If he's not in class, you can catch him at Kettle eating pancakes or Lupa's drinking iced coffee. Follow him on vsco @aidanread27 if you're real

Citlali Castro

RAMH Executive

Citlali is a junior Sociology major with minors in Anthropology and Urban Planning. She was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Citlali enjoys watching movies, listening to BROCKHAMPTON, drinking iced coffee, making playlists that she will only listen to once, and giving hugs. You can usually find her trying to get her life together on the 6th floor of Evans. WHOOP


Briana van Rensburg

SAAM Director

Briana is a junior Business Management major from Austin, TX! She loves dogs, eating food, watching Netflix, and hanging with SAAM :) So join the SAAMily!!

Baldwin Bakkal

SAAM Director

Howdy! Baldwin "Turkish Delight" Bakkal is a junior Computer Engineering major from Rockwall, Texas. He is passionate about mathematics, electrical engineering, computer science, running, swimming, and the outdoors. You can most likely find him in the Zachary Engineering building or running somewhere in College Station. If you ever want to hit-him-up, just give him a call and he will be down to go run or go camping! Oh, also, he is a dog person! WHOOP!!

Lexi Atwood

SAAM Director

Lexi is a junior Mechanical Engineering major from Katy, TX. You can usually find her at one of 3 places- Zachry, the MSC caf or Yummi Yummi! She loves Hooked deals, dogs, hand-embroidery, and going to the movies! Lexi's fatal flaw is that she can't keep a snapchat streak to save her life, but don't be afraid to try and start one anyways!!

Amber Loehr

SAAM Director

Amber is a University Studies-Business major with a minor in Financial Planning. She is from La Grange, Texas and loves anything country music (except the new stuff, blah) especially going to concerts. She loves to cook/mainly eat and going to the Frio River as often as possible. She would love to go with you anytime or just hangout & eat some queso (:


Tony Betancourt

SHIP Director

HOWDY! Tony is a Junior Economics major from Tyler, TX. Tony loves to spend time with friends, rock climb, go on random adventures, workout and most importantly live life to the fullest. If you ever need some company you can find him on the second floor of Evans or at the MSC cafeteria.

Chase Ostrom

SHIP Director

Hena Wadhwania

SHIP Director

Hena is a Junior Supply Chain Management major from Beaumont, TX. Hena enjoys going on road trips and spontaneous ice cream runs. She can be seen on west campus and MSC. If you ever see her say hi, be her friend!! Hena is always down to grab food so hit her up anytime. Other than that she is always smiling :)

Bryce McKinnon

SHIP Director

Bryce is a junior Industrial Distribution major from Sugar Land, Texas. You can see him walking on campus bobbing his head to Travis Scott or Juice Wrld. When he is not working hard to make SLIDE the best org at A&M he can be found studying at Evans or lifting all of the weight at the REC.

Luke Dorman

SHIP Director

Luke is a Civil Engineering student from Rosenberg, Texas. He went to Strake Jesuit for High School and played baseball. He enjoys hunting, fishing , and basically anything outdoors. He can be found getting coffee in Zachry, studying in Evans, or just walking around campus. He loves making new friends and is super excited to make SLIDE the best it can be.


Sebastian Macabare

RAMH Director

This is Sebastian, an Electrical Engineer from Dallas, TX. He's also that one kid who will get a Minor of Philosophy for fun. If he's not at home playing video games, Kyle Field, or hanging with fellow Sliders, Sebastian's probably chilling on the roof of Zachry or by a window studying. Don't be afraid to say 'howdy', he won't bite!

Ale Briseno

RAMH Director

Howdy! This is Ale and she is a RAMH Director. She is a Junior Geophysics major from Cedar Park, Texas. She used to live in the mountains of a National Park, has a bunny named Forest, loves reading and soccer, and drinks more iced coffee than what is healthy for her. Pls be her friend (she practically lives in the MSC).

Taylor Brittain

RAMH Director

Howdy! Taylor is one of the RAMH Directors. She is a Junior Communication major born and raised in Houston, Texas. She loves anything and everything involving Aggie Football. Her favorite A&M tradition is Midnight Yell and her favorite building on campus is the David G. Eller Oceanography and Meteorology Building. Join SLIDE and it will be the best decision you make in college!

Matt Wayan

RAMH Director

Matt is a Junior Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technologies major from Allen, Texas. Matt's originally from Boston, Massachusetts so you will probably see him walking around in a Red Sox hat. Matt enjoys rock climbing and playing the piano! Matt lives Zachry, if you want to make sure he's not going insane you can probably find him there! Matt will also argue with you if you say Cane's is better than Layne's because you are wrong.

Katherine Olive

RAMH Director

Kat Olive is a Bioenvironmental Sciences major with a minor in Horticulture from Spring, Texas. She LOVES gardening, hanging out with her fat bunny, knitting, and playing video games when she should be studying. You can usually find her struggling to find a seat in the MSC, or waiting in the starbs line for a green tea! More than anything else, Kat loves working with RAMH and is super pumped for the new sophomores!


Mohamed Harhash

DEVO Director

This is Mohamed Harhash (aka Mo). Mo was a SAAM member during SLIDE 2017-2018. Mo is currently a Devo director in SLIDE. Mo is a junior Biomedical Engineering major from Houston, Texas. Mo likes to play and watch soccer in his free time. Mo enjoys watching movies and traveling around the world. Mo has been to at least four different countries around the world. Mo speaks three different languages. Mo is also funny. If you wanna laugh, ask Mo about his ten friends story.

Parker Graham

DEVO Director

Parker Graham (aka PG13) is a Junior Computer Engineering (EE Track) & Mathematics major from Houston, Texas. He enjoys all things Houston related, technology, and SLIDE. He will be serving as one of the directors in the DEVO subcommittee.

Director Fake Account

DEVO Director

Danielle Benavides

DEVO Director

Danielle Benavides (AKA Dani) is a junior Civil Engineering major from McAllen, TX. Along with being a DEVO director, Dani loves to be active and being outdoors. She also has a huge sweet tooth so expect her to always order dessert if you get food with her. If you ever need to find her, catch her at your local Starbucks ordering a strawberry refresher (yes she knows she is basic).

Kaitlyn Hooks

DEVO Director

Howdy! This is Kaitlyn Hooks and she is a junior Public Health major from College Station, Texas. She is a DEVO director for the SLIDE class of '21 and involved in her sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi, on campus. Kaitlyn likes to participate in Taco Tuesday every week, play with her cat, Milo, and go to concerts/music festivals! Join SLIDE and get to know her a little better!

Lorie Martinez

DEVO Director

Lorie Martinez is a Human Resource Development major with a double minor in Business and Financial Planning from Manor, Texas. She is a Devo director. She enjoys swimming, traveling, watching Netflix and outdoorsy things. She is excited to meet SLIDE's next class and encourages anyone to reach out if you ever wanna hang :].